November Meeting: Everything You Wanted to Know About SQL But Were Afraid To Ask

Do you use SQL to query or update files? Do you use it in your RPG programs or do you tend to stick with naïve I/O? If not, why? Have you wanted to access a file but didn’t quite have the logical file that you needed? What’s the overhead of creating a logical file “on the fly”? How about building new files? Do you use DDS or SQL? SQL offers many benefits and is quite flexible for many tasks. If you’ve tried SQL before and deemed it unworthy, it’s time you take another look. IBM is continually updating SQL. It’s also a standard means for accessing non-DB2 databases on other platforms.


This month you get two presenters for the price of one—Dave Parnin and Dave Roehling, both developers at Brotherhood Mutual Insurance. Dave Parnin is a RPG Developer II at Brotherhood and has worked on the IBM i platform for over 25 years. Dave Roehling, a former STATUS scholarship winner, is a RPG Developer III at Brotherhood and has worked on the IBM i platform for over 26 years. Both are Purdue/IPFW graduates and have earned the Certified Application Developer-ILE RPG on IBM i on Power certification from COMMON.


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