If you’re like me you like using a mouse for graphical applications (like Solitaire) and the keyboard for text-based things like editing programs.  Reaching for the mouse in the middle of editing a program is distracting and a waste of motion.  Who needs unwanted exercise?!  In SEU this wasn’t a problem because everything was text-based.  Just because RDP and WDSC are Windows apps doesn’t mean that you have to use a mouse for everything.  In SEU if you wanted a split screen you could press F15 to open a browsing window to view another section of your program.  In RDP/WDSC you can do either CTRL-2 or shift-F10, V, <ENTER>.  In RDP/WDSC you aren’t just limited on one window; you can repeat this for as many windows as you like.  To close the window you can do CTRL-0 in RDP.  In WDSC you have to type shift-F10, V, and C to close the window.  There are many other keyboard shortcuts in RDP and WDSC.  Just look on the right side of the drop-down menu options to see what they are.


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